Engage Your Clients Through Social Messaging With Official-API-Based Solutions ***

Stay Social, Stay Compliant, Stay Ahead.

We are pioneers in enabling compliance monitoring, chatbots, archival and analytics for popular messaging apps* (* call us for latest list of instant messengers we do support) in regulated enterprises using official instant messenger APIs, so that your company & employees can engage your clients through their favorite social messaging apps & yet stay compliant and mobile. We have top financial institutions as clients. Be ready for MiFID-II & GDPR Compliance - call us for a free pilot trial today.

*** Ever since the introduction of business APIs by various popular messaging platforms, the task & scope of making social messaging productive and compliant for businesses has been greatly enhanced and simplified at the same time. As such, we do not offer any messaging platform derivative solutions that bypass or do not depend / leverage on the official APIs from the messaging platform providers.

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Our Mission

We offer end-to-end digital assistant solution powered by Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing the full spectrum of Compliance monitoring & archiving tools for messaging in regulated industries, for instance, financial institutions (using official instant messenger APIs). This allows employees to engage clients through client’s favorite messaging apps* (* call us for latest list of instant messengers we do support) while staying audit-compliant, secure and mobile.

FinChat offers best-in-class web-based and mobile-based compliance tools where business chats are monitored while private chats remain private.

Achieve More with FinChat + IM (Instant Messenger) Business Solution

Powerful features, Unlimited possibilities

Easy to Use Instant Messenger Business API

Seamless Instant Messenger Integration to your own apps, sites or systems to send and receive text messages, pictures, audios, links and emojis in Singapore and across the globe.

Fast & Reliable Messaging

Send Instant Messenger alerts and notifications reliably to communicate and provide great support to your customers.

Multi-Agent Support

Customer queries, requests or feedback sent via Instant Messenger can be managed and handled by several agents at the same time.

AI Powered Chatbots

Use chatbots to answer customer queries automatically and cut customer service overhead costs. Automate answers to repetitive questions and let your team focus on more important tasks.

Secure End-To-End Messaging

Communicate securely with your customers using Instant Messenger’s reliable end-to-end encryption which ensures messages are turned into a secret message and decoded only by its final recipient.

Analytics & Reporting

Gain insight into your team’s performance and use the metrics to anticipate customer needs and increase satisfaction through our interactive dashboard.


Jan 2016 - FinChat Technology delivers an industry-first, WeChat™ Mobile-Compliance logger system to her first client , a Forbes 2000 company.

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FinChat offers web-based and mobile-based Compliance & Productivity tools for enterprises to engage their clients via popular messaging apps using official instant messenger APIs