PoC to production in 48 Man hrs be it OnPremise, Oncloud or SaaS

FinChat Solutions are available in various configurations depending on use cases. Small, midsize FSI or enterprise that do not want to invest on premise infrastructure can opt for SaaS or Private cloud.

Stay subscribed stay compliant

A small subscription fee per employee per month enables traders, brokering houses, FSI or any regulated enterprises to interact with clients, on world’s most popular messengers instantly. All interactions are archived and readily available for compliance function to audit, scan and record keeping.

Activate instant Messenger compliance legally for WhatsApp, WeChat, LineChat, Telegram, Viber instantly.


SaaS is activated instantly. Chats are stored in your custom dashboard, with various user roles specifically designed for compliance function, employees & business development.

On premise

Banks, FSI or regulated enterprises which prefer on premise deployment can easily deploy our solution in there secure Enterprise Infrastructure. FinChat provides on site as well as remote assistance for on premise deployments globally.

On cloud

IMVault is readily deployed on your favorite private cloud for instance Azure, AWS, Google, Alibaba. Solution is secured by banking level security.

Connect to archival tools

Our solution can be readily connected to standard archiving tools like Enterprise Vault and others. We offer real-time exports of chats logs via APIs or intermittent export in custom schema & format.


All data at rest or motion is encrypted using banks encryption keys using minimum 256 bit encryption key. Support for key rotation and standard safety measures available. All banking level security practices are in place.

Client Data Protection

  • No system logs expose client data.
  • All client data/chats stays with the enterprise. Data is controlled by restricted data access policies.
  • FinChat has no access to data/solution after deployment.
  • All data at rest or motion is encrypted by encryption keys owned by the enterprise (minimum 256 bit encryption key used).
  • All logs are encrypted.
  • Read only system to all data on the basis of roles.
  •  Secure IM APIs.

Compliance without sweat with FinChat’s IM Vault

IM Vault provides full spectrum of compliance monitoring & archival services by leveraging on artificial intelligence & natural language processing, for messaging in regulated industries or financial institutions. This allows employees to engage clients through client’s favorite messaging apps*, while staying audit-compliant, secure and mobile.(* contact us for the latest list of instant messengers we support). 

 IM Vault ensures business chats are monitored while private chats remain private. Have a look at some features below.



Seamless Instant Messenger Integration to your own apps, sites or systems to send and receive text messages, pictures, audios, links and emojis across the globe.


Send Instant Messenger alerts and notifications reliably to communicate and provide great support to your customers.


Customer queries, requests or feedback sent via Instant Messenger can be managed and handled by several agents at the same time.


Use chatbots to answer customer queries automatically and cut customer service overhead costs. Automate answers to repetitive questions and let your team focus on more important tasks.


Communicate securely with your customers using Instant Messenger’s reliable end-to-end encryption which ensures messages are turned into a secret message and decoded only by its final recipient.


Gain insight into your team’s performance and use the metrics to anticipate customer needs and increase satisfaction through our interactive dashboard.