Engineering is an art expressed by quality programming

Finchat is founded by a programmer who worked in DSO labs Singapore on neural networks, in late 90’s when AI was in embryonic stage. We are founded and run by programmers who understand that development is not limited to writing a piece of code, but a holistic vision of solution has to be kept in mind as well.

Our team is not only trained in programming languages but follow a “Code of Coding ” that translates into..

  • No hard coding
  • No shortcuts
  • Comments in code
  • Code for Scalability
  • Splitting code in modules
  • Small clean functions
  • Easy to understand documentation

On Demand Associates

Finchat pioneers in compliance for most popular Instant messengers, we started from providing first commercial compliant chat archival software to FSI focused on Private Banking. Solution has been evolved to meet needs of trading floor and small Fund manager and law firms where client and employees interaction needs to be archived for compliance.

We have experience in Software solution for banking, FSI or any vertical and we support all aspects of solution from inception to deployment and maintenance.

We are team of experienced developers working with latest in open source technology. We are always exploring new development platforms and employ test driven development using tools like jira, git, docker and other imperatives